Le Frivole Vesta

Anal plug Vesta (Core)

Color: Cobalt
Diameter: from 2,5cm to 3cm,
Common length: 12,5cm,
Weight: 51gr

1. 100% safe silicon,
2. Brand-name bag for keeping,
Brand: leFrivole

Anal plug “Vesta” is for those who are ready to sexually moan from pleasure. The product has a pointed tip and two enlargements, which will stimulate every single millimeter of your body. The plug is made of hypoallergenic medical silicone. This material has a very long lifespan and it is very simple in care. Apart from this, the plug has a limiter in the form of a flat base which allows to concentrate on pleasant sensations only, not worrying about safety while using it. Try it out, experiment and enjoy every single moment.

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