Le Frivole Vega

Balls of Kegel with offset centre of gravity Vega (Lyra)

Color: Peach
Diameter: 2,8cm,
Common length: 17cm,
Weight: 59gr

1. 100% safe silicon,
2. Brand-name bag for keeping,
Brand: leFrivole

Kegel balls with offset center of gravity “Vega” will introduce pleasant changes to your intimate life. Your sex will be more sensual, and orgasms will be brighter. With the help of a convenient silicone loop, balls can be easily taken out after usage. These balls are developed for improvement of female health and enhancement of intimacy. The products are made of hypoallergenic medical silicone. You simply need to cover balls in your favorite water-based lubricant and put them inside. After training, wash them with warm water and liquid soap. Let even more bright orgasms in your sex life!

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