Le Frivole Moons

Anal beads Moons (Core)

Color: Burgundy
Diameter: 3cm,
Common length: 13cm,
Weight: 45gr

1. 100% safe silicon,
2. Brand-name bag for keeping,
Brand: leFrivole

Anal balls “Moons” are a real source of pleasure for adults. The product consists of three balls of different diameters. Sizes are ideally chosen so that pleasure that you get from stimulation simply goes off scale. Balls are made of smooth medical silicone. The convenient ring will allow you to control the depth of penetration the way it is will be comfortable for you. The product can be used while being prepared for anal sex. Anal balls will give you a lot of pleasure, getting into your erogenous zones. You will get new incredible sensations, putting in one ball after another. Make all your intimate fantasies come true.

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