Le Frivole Heart Ray

Anal chain Heart Ray (Core)

Color: Cobalt
Diameter: from 1,4cm to 2,45cm,
Working length: 14,98cm,
Common length: 17,45cm,
Weight: 41gr

1. 100% safe silicon,
2. Brand-name bag for keeping,
Brand: leFrivole

Anal balls “Heart Ray” are a new pinnacle of pleasure. The product consists of six links of different sizes. Smooth surface and different diameters of balls will allow you to get a lot of pleasure and feel all facets of pleasure. The loop in the form of a heart helps you put them in and out with great comfort. Balls are made of high-quality silicone. They are very pleasant to the touch and absolutely harmless to health. Feel a new pleasant erotic experience that you will be able to remember for a long time.

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