Le Frivole Halo

Vacuum non-contact stimulator of clitoris with vibrating handle Halo (Infinite)

Color: Peach
Common length:18,9cm,
Width: 10cm,
Max diameter of handle: 3,5cm, Working lehgth of handle:12,5cm

1. Magnetic charging,
2.Rechargable accumulator,
3. Absolutely waterproof,
4. 9 taking to the sky modes
of non-contact stimulation
5. 8 stunning modes of vibration,
6. 100% safe silicon,
7. Noiseless and powerful,
8. Brand-name bag for keeping,
9. 2 hours of work – 1,5 hours of charge,
Brand: leFrivole

Get ready to enter trip of the orgasmic cosmos. The Ultimate no contact stimulating halo. Halo it’s a circle that floats around the stars, in the same way circle sucks in to the deepest satisfaction, now you can experience that high flight as its never been available to a human. The nine exclusive options to make your mind and body tickle!
Eight vibrating programs, thanks to the forms of anatomic construction it will be just what you been looking for to give some love to your G spot.
Halo is waterproof, enjoy you best moments in a romantic bath! Build in motor keeps sounding up to minimum so you can hear your heartbeat.

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