Le Frivole Cassi

Wand massager Cassi (Infinite)

Color: Plum
Common length: 21cm,
Width: 4cm,
Max diameter: 4,5cm

1. Magnetic charging,
2.Rechargable accumulator,
3. Absolutely waterproof,
4. 8 unique programms of vibration,
5. Easy control with one button,
6. 100% safe silicon,
7. Noiseless and powerful,
8. Brand-name bag for keeping,
9. 1,5 hours of work – 1,5 hours of charge,
Brand: leFrivole

Prepare to launch your cosmic orgasms with a massager Cassi.
Queen Cassiopeia was considered the most beautiful woman in ancient Greece. The massager repeats the star pattern, and is conveniently located in the hand.
Cassi will find a common language with all the hidden corners of your body, thanks to eight programs of powerful vibration.
Rolling waves of pleasure will carry you to the boundless distances. Thanks to magnetic charge, continue your discoveries in the water, where the new features of Cassi will be revealed. Bring your self a wet satisfaction.

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