Le Frivole Arrakis

Balls of Kegel with offset centre of gravity Arrakis (Lyra)

Color: Peach
Diameter: 3,4cm,
Common length: 17cm,
Weight: 57gr

1. 100% safe silicon,
2. Brand-name bag for keeping,
Brand: leFrivole

Kegel balls with offset center of gravity “Arrakis” are created for strengthening intimate muscles and enhancing orgasm. The product consists of two smooth balls of oval shape, covered in hypoallergenic silicone. Start exercising with “Arrakis”, for the beginning 15 minutes will be more than enough, you can gradually prolong trainings up to an hour. Regular trainings will teach you how to deliver even more pleasure to your partner. This guarantees you to have not only good sex, but also more orgasms.

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